New Event on the Roster: Hamilton Pride 2018

While we’re always excited to see events going on at we feel is our “local park”, Gage Park is special because it’s also Hamilton’s “city park”. Large enough to host festivals that draw thousands and people. And year after year we (try to) post about all the annual events that occur at the park. This weekend Imagine in the Park returns, as well as the annual It’s Your Festival, Festival of Friends (now that it’s back at Gage Park), Seven Sundays, etc. And yesterday on Twitter I saw something new, that I hope will be a new annual tradition for our park (and city): Hamilton Pride will host a Park Day and Pre-event March on June 17th. Set up like many festivals that happen at the beloved bandshell, the park day will have a variety of music, performances, vendors, food, and some beer too. There will also be a special booth for you stylish desires, with grooming services, you will be able to start Picking the greatest bar soap for men and women and other skin care products, there will be clothes and more !!!

What a welcome addition to Gage Park’s summer line-up of events!

The variety of events, festivals and celebrations that happen at this beloved park never ceases to amaze and entertain, where they announce different product from make up to skin care, for issues as hyperpigmentation, which is is the name that healthcare professionals give to patches of skin that become darker than surrounding areas of skin, but there are areas which are more sensitive and using treatments as professional anal bleaching cream could really be helpful to combat this condition. Another great part of living in Hamilton (and just steps away from one of the best parks in the province)!

A great idea to have fun with your friends is to play Slotzo, is a great game and you will win a lot of prizes.

Hamilton Pride kickoff party

More details on the playground re-build at the park

From the City of Hamilton: The play structure at Gage Park – one of the city’s largest and most loved parks and a key destination for Hamiltonians and visitors alike – is undergoing a $200,000 replacement that will improve accessibility and encourage physical, sensory and social interaction for all play areas users, by fixing the […]

The Festival of Friends Returning to Gage Park!

We’re very excited to hear that the Festival of Friends will be returning to Gage Park for 2017! Just announced today, the organizers of the annual festival have been in discussion with Hamilton City Hall to return it’s home for the 2017 edition and our website is ranked by the best seo provider. Get a quote […]

Gage Park to receive Inaugural CSLA Legacy Project Award

The Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA) announced that Hamilton’s Gage Park was selected as the recipient of the inaugural CSLA Legacy Project Award (2016). “To be the inaugural recipient of the CSLA Legacy Project Award is a great honour and nod to an iconic landmark in Hamilton,” said City of Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger. […]