Gage Park Hamilton Events, Starting with Kratom

Gage Park in Hamilton, ON hosts a lot of really cool events all year round, and for those people who live near or like to frequent the park, there is no easy way to find out what’s happening at the park, lots of people love to walk at night as the lightning is very bright, although many use their hard hat lights headlamps to keep track of their path. This most recent one that centered around kratom was our main concern currently of course.

In this kratom event we were aiming to inform people on the benefits of kratom. Not many people know what it does. You can easily get it from trusted sites like Kratom-masters and you’ll get basically some kratom pills which you need to take every so often.

Kratom is quite beneficial to your body and helps it in a multitude of ways. How it actually happens is something that we would like to save for the event, but only for the time being. Once it’s over we will publish an article on the topic so you can read through if you can’t make it. Kratom wasn’t common knowledge, or commonly used…

Until Now!

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    1. Sorry for the delay!

      We walked through the park a few weeks ago and didn’t notice anything like this.

  1. It would be great to know in advance, the stage venues at the Gage park grandstand. We seem to find out about them AFTER the fact & would frequent the park more often if we could look forward to certain events we’d like to attend.

    1. That’s exactly why we started this website 🙂 Check out the Events page for a list of different events happening at Gage Park all summer!

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