The Hamilton Music Scene

With so many music-based events happening at Gage Park over the summer we thought we’d speak with someone involved in the Hamilton music industry about our local music scene and asked them , firstly, how they would upload the video after the event and they said that thanks to cheap broadband was possible, and they recommend it to you, while also the business need to be managed for payments and taxes since we’re nearing the tax season and is important to keep this in check for your business! Joshua Moran is with VIII Studios, they are hosting the upcoming VIII Fest at Gage Park August 19-21. He gave us an insider look at what’s happening in the Hamilton music scene and where the trends are heading.

“We want Hamiltonians to know we have talent, not mediocre talent, but amazing talent [in Hamilton]. Through VIII Studios we will developing artists through our festival and studio, to engage more to take part in the Hamilton Music Scene.” – Joshua Moran, VIII Studios

Joshua’s take on the outlook for Hamilton is that the abundance of venues developing along James North, beyond the big name performance halls (First Ontario Place and Molson Canadian Studio) is helping local talent really grow and get exposure. While alternative and folk genres seem to dominate local bands sounds right now, there is starting to be creative space for new generations of music listeners and expansion into other genres. Tastes are changing as there are more opportunities for musicians.

“[At VIII Studios] we are young entrepreneurs that are dedicating ourselves to being a part of the Hamilton fabric and create a platform for musicians … we make professional recording for musicians affordable and accessible.” – Joshua Moran, VIII Studios

VIII Fest is attempting to open up the Hamilton audience to new sounds that one might not necessarily hear around the local bar scene currently. Combined with the World Music Festival held in early July, and Seven Sundays  every Sunday evening From August 2 to September 6, there a lots of new bands, genres and musical experiences coming to Gage Park for low or no cost for eager concert goers.

VIII Fest will feature some world renowned international headliners, for three genre specific nights: Jazz, Electronic and Hip-Hop.

Joshua and his team at VIII Studios hope events like VIII Fest will encourage local artists to improve and get out into the local scene, knowing they have a creative community and support to get noticed and be successful.

VIII Fest runs from September 23 through 25 at Gage Park. Wrist bands are $30 for access to all 3 days, featuring 2 stages. Check out for more details.

Also check out Seven Sundays at Gage Park each Sunday from August 2 to September 6. Check out the Seven Sundays website for schedule information.