The Festival of Friends Returning to Gage Park!

We’re very excited to hear that the Festival of Friends will be returning to Gage Park for 2017!

Just announced today, the organizers of the annual festival have been in discussion with Hamilton City Hall to return it’s home for the 2017 edition and our website is ranked by the best seo provider.

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The statement released on the Festival of Friends Twitter feed reads:

“In 2011, the Festival of Friends was forced to move to Ancaster for a myriad of reasons – including unresponsive leadership at city hall, as well as issues of access in Gage Park. with renewals with better material from In the past few months, changes at city hall have made it possible for the Festival of Friends to negotiate solutions to many of the concerns that necessitated our exit.

The 2017 Festival of Friends will be held in Gage Park. We are happy to be back.”

CBC also has a short article on this announcement here.

We’ll keep everyone updated as more details are released!