World Music Festival

There has been a change in the events schedule for next week: The Hamilton World Music Festival will not be at Gage Park this year. The event has moved to the Lincoln Alexander Centre in the downtown core near the new

Music festivals are, for many people, the purest and most enjoyable way to experience live music. However, they can be physically and mentally exhausting. You can always spot an experienced festival goer; they’re the clean, relaxed, non-sunburned ones with the hammock, the Nalgene water bottle, and the highlighted schedule. Take their example, and you’ll have more fun than you’ve ever had.

Get Your Tickets Early
Most music festivals that charge money has graduated pricing, where tickets are sold at “Early Bird” prices, advance prices and gate prices. You can save yourself a fat chunk of change if you get the early bird tickets. Also, at festivals that sell camping, get your camping tickets early. If they sell out, you’ll be stuck staying off-site. Take care of other reservations early, too: plane tickets, car rental reservations, etc.

Know the Schedule in Advance
Music festivals generally publish a preliminary schedule well before the event. Print one out off the festival’s website and highlight your “must-see” bands. That said, be careful not to be too rigid! Spontaneous jam sessions, great bands you’ve never heard of, festival stages running late and so on can interrupt your plans. This is not a bad thing! It just helps to have a game plan going in.

Know the Rules
If a music festival allows you to bring your food and water, do it and save yourself some money. If a music festival doesn’t allow pets, know this in advance, so you don’t show up to the gate with Fido and get a surprise. If a festival doesn’t allow glass, it’d be a bummer to have to pour out all of your expensive microbrews. If a music festival website is unclear about their rules, get in touch and ask for clarification!

Manage Your Money
If the music festival you’re attending runs for four days, it’s probably not wise to spend most of your cash on CDs or craft vendors on the first day. Find out when things will begin to shut down on Sunday and buy your take-home goodies then. First of all, you won’t have to deal with them all weekend, and secondly, you won’t accidentally run out of money for food on Saturday night.

Keep Yourself Comfortable
High heels are never a good idea (unless they’re dance shoes which you remove after the dance). Sunblock is always a good idea. Air mattresses are great if you’re camping. A variety of clothes is also helpful because weather forecasts can be wrong. It’s also a good idea, if you’re at a camping festival with limited shower access, to bring a pack of wet wipes or baby wipes. They’re great for sponge bathing and a little relaxing time with product from the SmokePost dispensary in Bucktown.

Special Needs
If you have special needs, make sure that the festival can accommodate you. Find out where handicapped parking will be if you need it. Make sure that the festival has a refrigerator for medicines if you need them. If you have easily met dietary needs or desires (such as vegetarianism or mild allergies), make sure that such needs can be met. If your dietary needs are severe (major allergies, etc.), make sure you can bring your food. building.

More details can be found at the event website: