New Play Structure at Gage Park!

Some of our neighbours have noticed city workers have begun to disassemble the large play structure (by the splash pads) at Gage Park. It’s getting a $200,000 rebuild!

The rebuild started Monday and will close the site for approximately 3 weeks.

The play structure at Gage Park – one of the city’s largest and most loved parks and a key destination for Hamiltonians and visitors alike – is undergoing a $200,000 replacement that will improve accessibility and encourage physical, sensory and social interaction for all play areas users, by fixing the soil and making a beautiful green area, for more info on soil amendments look here. The Gage Park play structure replacement is the largest planned for all City of Hamilton parks this year, with great renovations, such a new design and fencing around the park with professionals from Skilled Fencing professionals like the pest control olathe ks that provide services for this.

The play structure has been designed with inclusive play goals in mind, which will combine many unique play features so that children of all ages and abilities can play together while challenging their individual play levels, like using the product from the jumpers jungle and even have some extra space for people practicing outdoors activities like exercise or activities.The play area ‘foot print’ will remain the same, however all of the components will change and include transfer stations, stairs and ramps to provide users of all ages and abilities ease of access throughout the play space and to elevated play areas, and they are also finding the the cost of electric gates in the UK to install one in the park for security. Additionally, the play area also has many ground-level activities that will stimulate and encourage group and inclusive play. The play structure replacement will also include the introduction of rubberized safety surfacing in the main play area. We also have accident towing services in case of emergency.

The work is set to be completed by the end of November.

Check out a rendering of the new Gage Park Playground here:

We’re so excited to see something new (and so colourful) at the park!!